Chimney Expo Covid Policies & Procedures

Waiver Required: All registrants are required to sign a Covid waiver and have a forehead temperature scan. Any persons with temperatures above 100.4 will not be admitted. Because of the temperature check, face coverings are at attendees discretion. Social distancing is encouraged at Chimney Expo but not required.

Casino and Resort: In the casino and resort, masks must be worn in all common areas as per casino hotel requirements.

Class Rooms: In the class areas we will have both a social distance area in the classroom, and a freedom area where the attendees can wear a mask or not.

Trade Show: Attendees can wear face coverings at their discretion.

Subject to Change: This policy is fluid based on state, local and venue guidelines at the time of the event.
Attendee Discretion: All are invited at their comfort level but we also wanted to let all know ahead of time so they could plan on attending the 2021 Chimney Expo based on their comfort level of safety.