2021 Chimney Expo Exhibitors Packet

(Trade Show Booth Map Below)


We are proud to introduce The 2021 Chimney Expo -  at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, 1160 1st Av., King of Prussia, PA 19406 

The Chimney Expo trade show hours will be:

Friday June 4th, from 11:30pm - 5:00pm, and Saturday June 5th, from 11:00am - 1:30pm.

Setup will be Thursday, June 3rd, from 12 noon to 5:00 pm.

Why should you want to exhibit at this year's event?  Great question!

Let's just summarize:  More attendees, more First-Time attendees and 1/2 the cost of other shows!

More Attendees!  When we offered the Chimney Expo 2016 in King of Prussia, PA saw over 150 first time attendees to a chimney trade show and over 300 sweeps attend. At our last year's 2020 event, our turnout was outstanding, 500 sweeps!

Your booth won't just have the same 'ole sweeps visiting, instead, you will be meeting scores and scores of new sweeps who have never even been to a trade show!  As for the sales and exposure this will produce, well.....  you can imagine.  

1/2 the Cost!  That's right.  The cost for your 10'x10' booth is only $695.00!  At this price, you can actually pick up 2 booths (while they last) and receive a discount for the second booth!  Additional booths will are available for $550 per booth.  The booth registration covers the $125.00 registration fee for all the classes for 2 people per booth!  (Two booths registered covers your first 4 attendees, etc....)

The  70+ booths available will be on a first come, first served, invite only basis. 

Trade Show Hours & Information:

Setup will be Thursday, June 3rd from 1:00-5:00 pm. 

Trade Show Hours:  Friday June 4th, from 11:30-5:00pm, and Saturday June 5th, from 11:00am-1:30pm. 

Tear down following the trade show.

NOTE:  We have sandwiched the Trade Show between classes for attendees to attend. 

This should increase visitors to your booth!

Please fill out the Exhibitors Registration Form below to make your reservation while space is still available and email it to us or fax it if you wish.  The fax number is: 814-234-1917, and our email is:  contact@CertifiedChimneyProfessionals.com

The map will be updated daily so what you see is what is likely available.

Or, you can request your Registration packet by calling us at 814-689-1576, or by emailing us and asking.  Email us at:

contact@certifiedchimneyprofessionals.com for your packet.

Below you will find a trade show map showing the booths already reserved.

This will be a trade show long talked about, and one you don't want to either miss out on, or short yourself on.  We expect this show to be the best and most productive show we will have had for many years!  Last years show was and this year's show will be even better!  

One last positive note:  We expect that CEU's will be accepted at this year's event which should bring even more sweeps to your booth.

For more info please see:  www.ChimneyExpo.com or give CCP a call at 814-689-1576.

​​Exhibitors Registration

(Please fill out and email to: Contact@CertifiedChimneyProfessionals.com or fax to: 814-234-1917)
Company Name: _________________________________________________________________
Contact Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Contact Phone: __________________________________________________________________
Contact Email: __________________________________________________________________
Contact Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________ ST: ___________ Zip: ______________
Booth space pricing: $695.00 first booth; $550.00 for additional booth space.
Booth number(s) requested: First Choice: _____________________ 2nd choice: _________________

Payment is as follows: 100% upon registration.

You will be emailed an email invoice and link to make payment after we receive your registration.

You will receive confirmation after booth reservation is complete as well as Trade show information, set up, shipping, electrical requirements, etc...

Note: Booth selection order for future shows will be determined by order received.
Questions? Call Marshall Peters at 814-689-1576