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There are two unique educational opportunities that await the Chimney Expo attendee, 

Getting CCP Certified & CEU Classes.

Get Certified  on Thursday, April 20th.    Here are a couple of things to note:

-  We are offering the CCP Certification Class Review and test from 9-4 at a discount

rate of $250.00.  This saves the candidate $100.00 on the test alone and the class is

no charge!  

-  If you have ever wanted to earn a comprehensive chimney sweeping certification there will be no better opportunity than to earn it here.

-  We strongly recommend our Certified Chimney Professional Manual for all test takers.  The price of the manual is $150.00 and you only need one per company.  It comes as an e-book; as a .pdf file.  

If it's time to re-certify, then you can re-certify here also by attending the class and testing for the same discount rate.

-  After testing, go enjoy a special celebration dinner that evening 

​​-  Due to space, you MUST call and register for this class!  SEATING WILL BE LIMITED and you must pay in advance for this class and certification testing.  It is reserve seating only.

Let us know you are attending: 814-689-1576