2021 Chimney Expo - Schedule of Events

Wednesday, June 2nd -  

                CSIACertified Chimney Sweep Review & Exams.   Please contact Chimney Safety Institute of America, via                      CSIA.org or call them at 317-837-5362 for more information and to sign up.   

Thursday, June 3rd

 8:00-12:00      Certified Chimney Professional Certification class training & CCP testing   
                        (You will register for this class on the Registration Link on the Register page.)
 1:00-5:00         Certified Chimney Relining Certification class training & CCR testing 
                         (You will register for this class on the Registration Link on the Register page.)


 Happening at the same time!

 9:00-Noon      PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace presented by SaverSystems
 1:00-3:00       Understanding Chase Covers - Part 1 - Michael Segerstrom & Bill Ryan  CEU's: TBA
 3:00-5:00       Understanding Chase Covers - Part 2 - Michael Segerstrom & Bill Ryan  CEU's: TBA

 5:15-6:15       Truck Off - Show off your Company Vehicle

​ 6:30- till          National Chimney Open House - Segment 1                    

Friday, June 4th

Time:              Classes:
9:00-10:30      Annual Gas Service Procedures - Jim Brewer  /OR/
                       Know your Numbers - Chad Murray

10:45-12:15   Turning a $4K job into a $12K job - Working with Insurance companies - Cory Taylor Flowers  /OR/
                       Everything Dryer Vents in 1.5 hours! - Cliff Budnick
12:30-3:45 ​   
 Chimney Expo Trade Show 
4:00-5:00        Installing UL Listed Wall Thimbles - Mike Segerstrom  /OR/
                       Office Systems & Processes - Brandi Biswell
6:30-till            National Chimney Open House​  - Segment 2



Saturday, June 5th

Time            Classes
7:00 - 8:00     Sweeps Prayer Breakfast - $16.50 (Reservations required) 

8:30-9:30       The Million Dollar Truck - Donovan Blanks  /OR/
                      Step Up To Success: The Right Curriculum For Success - Jerry Isenhour
10:00-11:00    "Electrification" - The coming move to end fossil fuel usage and the end of your trade - HPBA   /OR/
                       Ceramic Theory: Why Flue Tiles Break - Russ Dimmitt of CSIA
​11:00 - 1:30     
Chimney Expo Trade Show



For More Information on the CEU's for each class - Please visit the "Educate" Tab located at the top of each webpage.