2019 Chimney Expo - Schedule of Events

Thursday, Feb 14th

                9:00-10:15           Certified Chimney Professional Certification testing  (Testing only - no training class)  

                10:30-12:00         Certified Chimney Relining Certification testing  (Testing only - no training class)  

                1:00 - 5:00           
Let's Pack This Joint! This 4-hour class will feature Stuart Karanovich from Saver                                                              Systems and Matt Starich from Fireguard both showing off their 2 systems for joint repacking                                                        and tile recoating! I have looked forward to this class for years. If you are wanting to see both                                                        systems at the same time and side by side, here is your chance...

Friday, Feb 15th

                9:00-10:30  Classes -        Advantage of doing chimneys, dryer vents & duct cleaning - John Bentley   /OR/

                                                          NFPA 211 Inspections - Tom Urban

                10:45-11:45 Classes -       Respirators & Helmets - Peter Cooper   

                                                          What's New in Codes - Bill Ryan

                12:00 - 3:00                       Chimney Expo Trade Show

                3:15-4:45    Classes -        How to begin a Fall Safety program - OSHA   

                                                          Hiring the Millennial - Taylor Hill              

                 5:00-7:00                          Open House Reception -

                                               Sponsored by Olympia Chimney Supply

Saturday, Feb. 16th

                9:00-10:30  Classes -        Advanced Relining and Sizing - John Parot     /OR/


                10:30-1:00                        Chimney Expo Trade Show

1:15-2:45  Class -             Working with Realtors - Kurt Matthews    /OR/

                1:15-2:15  Class -            Complying with OSHA's Silica Rule - Marshall Peters



For More Information on each class - Please visit the "Educate" Tab located at the top of each webpage.